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客戶服務 / 落單熱線
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  1. 如有貨品被海關扣查,一切罰款責任均由客人自理

  2. 遺禁貨品,一律拒絕運送

  3. 貨品如有遺失或損壞,本公司負責陪償之金額為 貨物的總額或不超過總運費三倍或港幣五佰元正,以最低為準。以上價目,本公司保留一切更改權利,恕不另行通知

  4. 寄郵件(包裹)須附上一式三份發票(INVOICE)並需詳列貨品名稱及貨值,以作清關用途

  5. 如有遇到扣關情況,本公司則不能保證派送時效,又如因客戶填寫之發票與寄包裹不相符,而被海關扣關者,本公司不會負責

  6. 部分地區可以安排收件人付運費,請致電本公司查詢

  7. 本公司不接受運送以下物品,包括:易燃物、易爆物、水質、油漆、錄影帶、錄音帶、高價首飾、藥品、音像產品、色情物品、牛角、古董、粉末、寶石黃金、牛骨、動植物產品、現金、反對黨及宗教書物品、壓縮氣、象牙……等等,請致電本公司查詢

  8. 恕本公司末能盡錄一切細節,如有查詢,歡迎致電

  1. If the delivered goods were detained by the Custom Officals our company will not be liable for any fine payments nor amercement. All liability will then fall on the customers themselves.
  2. Any illegal items are prohibited.
  3. If goods are damaged or lost during delivery, the amount of compensation will determine on either: 1) the total cost of the delivered goods, or 2) triple the price of delivery fee marked on the invoice, or 3) HKD 500, whichever come as the lowest. On top of that, our company also retain the rights to change the compensation amount without any furthur notice.
  4. For custom purposes, any delivery order must be attached with the invoice issued by our company and list out all the details of the delivered goods, such as product name and value.
  5. In the unfortunate case where goods were being detained by the Custom Officials, our company will unable to guarantee the orders to be deliver on time. However, if the detain was due to falsely information provided by the customers on the invoice, our company will not be responsible for any goods lost nor amercement issued by the Customs Officials.
  6. Customers can also choose to have recipient to pay for the delivery fee, for more detail and information, please dial our customer’s hotline.
  7. Our company will not be shipping the following items: flammables, explosives, non-consumable liquids, paints, video tape, audiotape, high-end jewelry, medicine/drugs, pornography, animal horns, antiques, powder, gemstones, gold, animal bone, plants, cash, book items opposing any political party and/or religion, compressed gases, ivory … etc. Please call us for more information on prohibited items.
  8. For more information on delivery and/or other inquiry, please dial our customer’s hotline.